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AngelaFanClub was established in 2012 with the intention to help others with self love care.

Face by face, helping those who sat in my chair, see their natural beauty. Guiding them to feel confident in their own skin by educating and then showing them how they can look incredible with professionally groomed brows and little to no makeup.

AngelaFanClub was established in 2013 by a girl who recognized my passion in connecting with people and shaping brows. She used to walk past me while I was working and she’d yell things like someone selling hot dogs at a ball game would. She’d yell things like, “Hot Seat!” “Get your brows done!” and one day she yelled “AngelaFanClub” and it just stuck with me since then.

2022 AngelaFanClub has been fully brought to life in what was once called “the Hobby Barn” which I now call, my clubhouse. It’s truly my greatest accomplishment in my career to date.

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